Businesses and Churches who support us!

National Programs

In Touch      Daily at 7am and 8 pm

In Touch Weekend      Sunday at 8 pm

Apply the Good News to your daily life.

Local Programs

Heavenbound with Bennie     Monday and Tuesday 8 am

Frank and Sonny Live      4-6pm Monday - Thursday

Medicine Man Corner

Church Services

Sasser Baptist Church

Liberty Baptist Church

East Albany Baptist

WWVO 90.7 FM

WWVO was established in 1990 as an educational non- commercial broadcasting activity in South West Georgia. 

We play the best of Southern Gospel, Bluegrass, Today's Praise, Contemporary Christian and Christian Country and Country Gospel!

 Join us 24 hours a day to sing-a-long with your favorites, worship, pray and learn.

A Quick Word 

Adventures in Odyssey      Daily 6 pm

Cornerstone Ministries

Family Matters Minute

For Your Health

Grace to You      Daily 11 am

Running to Win     Monday - Friday at 1 pm

Songs to Remember      Saturday 3 am

Unshackled    Monday - Friday 3 am, Sunday 9am

Daily Bread

Just Thinking      Daily 11 pm

Precepts for Life   Monday - Friday 9 am

Lighten Up

Louis Palau    Monday - Thursday 10:30 am

Turning Point     Monday - Friday 1 pm

Love Worth Finding     Monday - Friday  11 am

Truthful Life      Monday - Friday 10 am

In The Word

Moments in American History